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Ioannina, a four season destination

The provincial capital, and the center of Epirus is well known among Greeks and tourists from all over the world. The city is an excellent choice for couples, families, congresses, and city breaks. It is widely regarded as the jewel of Northwestern Greece, with numerous museums and historic landmarks. Our deluxe residences located in the heart of Ioannina will allow you to unwind and enjoy privacy whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Discover Ioannina

The city’s focal point is Pamvotida Lake, one of Greece’s largest. Following the contemporary bike route that spans along the lake’s edge, you may take a tour around its shore up to Molo, where you can take a boat to visit the Island and Ali Pasha’s house. While on the island, don’t pass up the chance to try local delicacies like frog legs and eels. Back to the lakes shore visit the castle of Ioannina and the Mosque with the octagonal monument thought to be Ali Pasha’s tomb. On the outskirts of the city visit also, Vrelis wax museum, Perama cave and Dodoni sanctuary and Theater. Ioannina is a city that combines culture and a vibrant atmosphere. The city, which is home to one of the largest universities offers a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants where students contribute to the lively environment.

Explore the region

One of the most popular destinations is Zagori. A collection of dozens of stone villages that are part of Unesco Heritage located 35 km from the city. Hiking trails, stone bridges, rivers, and geological formations will astound nature lovers. Crossing the Vikos Gorge, climbing up to Dragon Lake, rafting on the Voidomatis River, horseback riding, and other activities are popular in this area. Least known from Zagorohoria, the villages of Tzoumerka are a true jewel on the Athamanika Mountains. Sirako and Kalarites are the most known ones. Rivers, gorges, and stone bridges create a one-of-a-kind adventure landscape here. Hidden in the mountains of Pindos is the historic village of Metsovo. Metsovo is known for its local cheeses (Metsovone and Metsovela, among others) and for 2 of the most known wineries in Greece. With museums, old churches, and cobbled streets it’s a place worth a day trip.

Events and activities

Throughout the year, Ioannina and the surrounding region host a variety of events and activities. The Lake Pamvotida race can be one of the first options on the calendar for long-distance runners, as well as those looking to participate in a road party with a unique color and character. The 30 km race around the mainland capital’s Lake Pamvotida is an unforgettable experience. Every summer, the Lake Festival celebrates music and dance. Welcome summer and spend your nights surrounded by the mystic atmosphere of the lake. The Zagori Race is the greatest Greek mountain run. Hundreds of people participate every year in the event, which takes place in the heart of Pindos Mountains National Park. Following tradition, Epirus villages host several interesting festivals that allow both visitors and locals to participate in and enjoy the region’s musical history. In honor of their saints, they usually hold night-long feasts that include food, dance, and wine. Aside from the annual events, visitors to Ioannina can choose from a variety of activities such as paragliding, rafting, horseback riding, canoeing, canyoning, and more.